In a nutshell

What is Mentals?

A small language school with a great tacher

Simple design

No handbooks and material light. Just sit down, relax and enjoy answering great questions.

Innovative teacher

The classes are run by Jędrek Stępień - a connoisseur and innovator in the field of conversations, this year's speaker at InnovateELT in Barcelona.

Freedom in learning

Each class makes an independent whole. You can build from them a training tailored to your needs.

Intellectual Spark

Allow yourself a moment of genuine thinking and creativity in a world of otherwise ready-made answers and solutions.


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Questions from you:

What level of English do I need to start?

Our classes are open to everybody. Both beginners and false-beginners (people comming back after a long break) may find Mentals as a way to learn faster than on a traditional language course, and for the advanced, Mentals can be a valuable way to keep in touch with English, diving deeper into semantics and checking the limits of their language.

Is Mentals a good idea for children?

I'm afraid it's not. Mentals is designed for people capable of abstract thinking, which is necessary in order to answer most questions and make mutual understanding (our goal) happen.

What is the difference between learning with you and enrolling on a course?

There is no curriculum in Mentals, and so no particular material to learn and/or remember. What we do is more like gardening - we are focusing on your current skills and make them grow. So, in place of the traditional grammar syllabus (today present simple, next week pronouns) I propose the continuity of curiosity and the will to answer yet another question.

Do we learn grammar in Mentals?

Yes we do, but we are doing it in a modern way, and in line with the latest scientific findings, which means we reject the grammar/vocabulary dichotomy (read: no fetishization of grammar:). Grammar as structure is subordinate to lexis, so learning phrases we learn grammar at the same time.

How does it work every time?

We meet on Skype at a previously agreed time (email), and we start the talk-show! I am your host, and you are my special guest. I ask you questions, and - if necessary - help you form the answer. Toward the end of the class I am giving you a personal feedback about what was good and what needs futher practice.

Do I need to take down notes?

Taking down your own notes in never a bad idea, but all useful chunks we encounter during our classes end up on Quizlet - a free and cool app accessible on your smartphone, tablet or PC. At your request, I am sedning the file where I make my own notes.

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